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The birth of a child is not just a new addition to a family but can bring tremendous joy to the family expecting a child. But when medical doctors, nurses or other medical personnel make mistakes during labor or the delivery process, the consequences are devastating to the family involved.

Like other medical malpractice, these birth injury mistakes are all too common.  In fact, common birth injury mistakes are preventable and can be tied to poor training and understaffing amongst many others.  Also, birth injury accidents frequently lead to various injuries amongst babies including but not limited to:

• Brain Injury

• Brain Swelling or Hemorrhaging 

• Erb’s Palsy

• Cerebral Palsy 

• Nerve Damage 

• Spinal Cord Injury 

• Maternal Injury or Death 

Like medical malpractice, most birth injury accidents goes unreported. To avoid an increase in liability insurance and to protect their licenses, most hospitals and medical personnel become uncooperative at the least and cover up, at worst in the event of any birth injury.

As former prosecutors, we have the forensic ability to navigate through the complexities and the catastrophe that usually stem from birth injury cases.  In birth injury cases, we target all forms of recovery from punitive damages if applicable, wrongful death damages if applicable, compensatory damages, emotional distress, pain and suffering and payment or refund for payment of medical bills amongst others.

Beyond focusing on birth injury cases, our firm also focuses on other forms of personal injury such as:

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