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Featured: Attorney Uche secures $1.18 million against Chicago police for wrongful death.

Civil rights cases encompass a wide variety of areas.  However, at Uche P.C., our area of specialization focuses on police or municipal misconduct.  We handle cases involving police or law enforcement brutality, jail beatings, jail suicides, police custody suicide, malicious prosecution, as well as wrongful convictions

Generally, we file lawsuits in federal court and usually under the federal civil rights laws specifically under 42 U.S. Code § 1983.  In such cases, we focus on law enforcement or local government abuse of our client’s constitutional rights ranging from cases involving but not limited to violations of our clients Fourth Amendment to our clients Fourteenth Amendment constitutional rights.

However, sometimes it is advantageous to bring such actions to state court on behalf of our clients.   Such state law claims take the form of malicious prosecution claims, intentional infliction of emotional distress claims or civil conspiracy claims to name a few.

Damages for civil rights violations range from emotional distress, pain and suffering, punitive damages as well as specialized damages involving loss of wages.  Additionally, if the wrongful death involves a wrongful death, family members of the deceased are entitled to damages that they experience including but not limited to:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Grief and sorrow
  • Loss of economic contribution

As former prosecutors, we have the forensic ability to navigate through the usual complexities that come with wrongful death cases.

Beyond focusing on wrongful death cases, our firm also focuses on other forms of personal injury such as:

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