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Featured: Attorney Uche secures $1.18 million against Chicago police for wrongful death.

It is without dispute that police officers serve the very important function of maintaining law and order. The rightful reverence the public has in the police is attributable to the bravery that comes with being a police officer.

Nonetheless, as with every profession, there are a few bad eggs. Police brutality as well as malicious prosecutions are at an all time high. The public has been inundated with news stories of innocent individuals being released from prison after spending nearly their entire lives in prison based on bogus charges.

Unjustified Police shootings are common stories and the public has seen its fair share of footage showing some of these atrocities.

The rise in police brutality and other civil rights violations stems from bad hiring and screening methods, inadequate training of police officers, and worse, the desire by police brass to cover up any wrongdoing.

To make matters worse, there does not seem to be any proper mechanism in place to police the police. Relying on local prosecutors offices to prosecute the very officers that they work with on a daily basis is a waste of time and effort.

For most families the consequences of police malfeasance comes with the ultimate price; severe physical injury, long term incarceration of an innocent person and death.

For the communities where these police offense occur, the trust between the community and the police are not just strained but broken.

Using federal civil rights laws and state court actions, at Uche P.C. we have the capability and more importantly, we have the will to expose the truth and to file lawsuits against the few bad eggs that permeate police departments around the United States.

As former prosecutors, we have the forensic ability to navigate through the usual coverups that usually come with police brutality cases. Additionally, in police brutality and malicious prosecution cases, we target all forms of recovery from punitive damages if applicable, wrongful death damages if applicable, compensatory damages, emotional distress, pain and suffering and payment or refund for payment of medical bills amongst others.

Beyond focusing on police brutality and malicious prosecution cases, our firm also focuses on other forms of personal injury such as:

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