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Featured: Attorney Uche secures $1.18 million against Chicago police for wrongful death.

Wrongful convictions are one of the worst and shameful enduring legacies of the criminal justice system.  The wrongful conviction of an innocent person does an injustice not just to the person convicted but to the community as a whole with the failure to hold accountable the real perpetrator of a crime.  

To say that the impact of a wrongful conviction is devastating will be nothing short of an understatement. Wrongful convictions literally steal the lives of its victims. Inmates who are locked away in prisons for crimes they did not commit, lose days, months and even many years away from living their lives, contributing to society and spending time with their loved ones.

Also, inmates never fully recover from the psychological trauma, pain and suffering as well as emotional distress of being imprisoned for a crime they l did not commit. Beyond this trauma, innocent inmates are at risk of physical and emotional harm from violent inmates with whom they are imprisoned with.

Not surprisingly, damages from wrongful convictions run into the millions of dollars. These damages include and are not limited to punitive damages; compensatory damages and emotional damages.

The trauma of wrongful conviction is made even worse by the fact that most wrongful convictions stem from police misconduct and negligence. Overzealous prosecutors, police bias against a suspect and the speed to solve a case are some of the motivating factors for the mishandling of evidence, planting evidence, framing suspects, coercing confessions or not turning over evidence that shows a suspect’s innocence.

Wrongful convictions occur daily. What’s more disturbing is that there are currently innocent people in prisons all across the United States who may never be heard.  Proving a wrongful conviction is a guaranteed uphill battle since police officers and overzealous prosecutors generally refuse to admit mistakes or wrongdoing.

All around the United States inmates are consistently being exonerated for crimes they did not commit. While some cases like the Central Park Five Case are prominent, it is important to understand that wrongful convictions are not an exception but rather commonplace.

At Uche P.C. we have the capability and more importantly, we have the will to expose the truth and to file lawsuits against police departments that have caused the wrongful convictions of innocent people across the United States.

As former prosecutors, we have the forensic ability to navigate through the usual coverups that usually come with wrongful conviction cases.

Beyond focusing on police brutality and malicious prosecution cases, our firm also focuses on other forms of personal injury such as:

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