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Featured: Attorney Uche secures $1.18 million against Chicago police for wrongful death.

Anyone who has lost a loved one due to the negligent, reckless or intentional conduct of another is entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit.  In Illinois, the wrongful death lawsuit is laid out under: 740 ILCS 180/1.  Generally, the wrongful death law, the following individuals have the power to bring a lawsuit on behalf of their deceased:

  • Surviving Spouse
  • Surviving child
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Adoptive parents or adopted child

Though the thought of filing a wrongful death lawsuit is the last thing on any grieving family members mind, it is important to secure you rights as fast as possible.  First, wrongful death lawsuits are subject to the Illinois statue of limitations.  Under the Statue of limitations, and subject to few exceptions, a person has a right to sue within two years of the death.  This statue of limitations is reduced to one year of the death if the party responsible for the death is a local government entity or agent.

The recovery under a wrongful death lawsuit is robust.  Family members can sue and collect monetary damages for: funeral expenses, lost income, medical bills and any other expenses that they incurred as a result of the death.

In addition, family members can sue for the pain and suffering or emotional distress that their loved one suffered prior to their death.

More importantly, family members can sue for the damages that they face as a result of the loss.  Some of these damages include but are not limited to:

  • Loss of support: Under this award, the deceased loved ones can recover damages for the loss of economic contributions of a loved one.  Such economic contributions can include loss of future wages or earnings.
  • Loss of consortium: Under this award, the deceased loved ones can recover damages for things ranging from loss of companionship to loss of sexual relationship.
  • Grief, sorrow/mental suffering: Under this award, the deceased loved ones can recover damages for the pain and suffering and emotional distress that the loss of their loved ones has had on them.

As former prosecutors, we have the forensic ability to navigate through the usual complexities that come with wrongful death cases.

Beyond focusing on wrongful death cases, our firm also focuses on other forms of personal injury such as:

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